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About Me

Hello! I’m Mason O’Mara, currently serving as a Product Designer & Developer at Current Media Company. My expertise lies in empowering businesses to establish a robust digital presence through website development, branding, and product design and I have a passion for digital innovation.

How I Got Here

If you stumbled upon my website while searching my name, you might have discovered my background as a Division 1 Baseball player at George Mason University. While pursuing my passion for sports, I also delved into economics, earning a Bachelor’s degree. Initially on a finance career path disrupted by COVID, I embraced freelancing, taking on diverse projects in website development and digital content. As I explored online business development, coding evolved from a hobby to a serious pursuit.

Passion for My Work

My journey involved developing online business presences, witnessing tangible results, and diving into coding. This journey fueled a passion for building digital products. Studying user-focused design and exploring new technologies became my focus, shaping a new professional chapter.

Scalability, Creativity, and Transparency

A consistent theme in my work revolves around clear and effective communication with clients. I prioritize fully understanding their needs, ensuring alignment with their future brand or project plans. I don’t shy away from infusing creative elements or leveraging new technologies. My commitment is rooted in transparency, guiding clients in the right direction.

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For new business inquiries, please fill in this form. Feel free to reach me at my email Currently based in and enjoying Asbury Park, New Jersey.