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Asbury Beans (Archived)

Automatic event calendar for Asbury Park, NJ.




Next.js 13, Supabase

Asbury Beans (Archived)

A dynamic event calendar for Asbury Park, NJ with automatic updates, UX tools, and research including a competitor audit.

Asbury Beans (Archived)

Introducing Asbury Beans, the ultimate event calendar designed for both Asbury Park locals and visitors alike. By conducting user interviews and creating detailed user personas, this project takes a user-centric approach to deliver an exceptional scheduling experience. Key UX tools such as problem statements, user flows, and journey maps were developed based on these personas, guiding the project's direction.

To streamline calendar maintenance, web scraping techniques were implemented using Cheerio and integrated through Vercel functions, with data stored in Supabase. The frontend, powered by Next.js 13, focuses on creating a unique brand experience by incorporating dynamic elements and personalized features tailored to location, weather, and time.

In response to user input, badges highlighting free events were introduced to boost visibility for venues and organizers. Drawing insights from a detailed audit of similar services, the project's development priorities and design were enriched, benefiting not only Asbury Beans but also future endeavors. The database's user-friendly interface empowers administrators to ensure the calendar's completeness and accuracy by adding and promoting events that may be missing from other platforms, contributing to the project's success.