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Chomp Insurance

Insurance broker providing an enjoyable experience.


Designer, Developer


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Chomp Insurance

Custom website including an advanced insurance application that went through a strategic redesign for brand and content.

Chomp Insurance

Chomp Insurance is an innovative online brokerage dedicated to providing a seamless and professional insurance experience. Their mission is to instill confidence in our clients by delivering the best rates and exceptional service.

My focus was creating an intuitive and interactive online application that efficiently connects with their customer management platform. This allows Chomp to offer personalized and competitive insurance options quickly.

Through a comprehensive redesign, I improved their branding elements with vibrant colors, modern typography, and tasteful animations for a more engaging user experience. The fast-loading website and application form reflects their commitment to professionalism and trustworthiness.

The centralized online application form streamlines the organization and management of customer data, enabling us to deliver the best rates promptly. By implementing advanced SEO strategies, I have successfully increased website traffic, attracting customers seeking reliable online insurance solutions.