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A Mindful RSS Reader available on the App Store.


Developer, Designer, Producer


React Native, Expo, Supabase


Available on the App Store, an RSS Feed Aggregator for conscious browsing and long-form content built with React Native.


Cureader is a mobile app designed to offer a mindful alternative to conventional social media platforms by curating meaningful content while eliminating ads and clutter. Created as a free iOS application using React Native and Expo for scalability, Cureader focuses on simplifying content discovery without pricing barriers. My target audience includes individuals seeking a conscious approach to browsing on their phones.

The app prioritizes user experience improvements based on community feedback and user research, with plans to expand to Android in the future. Powered by React Native RSS Parser by James Lawler and Supabase for backend management, user privacy is a top priority. Design choices emphasize accessibility and clarity, steering away from flashy elements for a calm browsing experience akin to familiar iOS interfaces.

Design decisions were guided by the goal of creating an approachable and quiet content browsing experience. I emphasized accessibility and clarity over flashy colors and fonts, maintaining consistency with users' mental models and expectations. The onboarding process aligns with familiar native iOS experiences, contributing to an air of authority within the app.

Supabase was chosen for its cost-effectiveness, enabling the app to remain free. Future plans for monetization prioritize sustainability over profit, ensuring Cureader continues to provide users with a conscious and free alternative for consuming quality online content. I outreach to current users frequently and interview them going over their taks and processes with the app so I can continuously implement updates.