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Current Media Co.

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Current Media Co.

I successfully contributed to enhancing our strategic processes, client relationships, and operational efficiency.

Current Media Co.

In my role as Product Designer and Developer at Current Media Company since 2022, I led the implementation of a strategic approach called "Strategy to Service." This new methodology involved enhancing the initial planning phases of client projects to establish clear timelines for services, ensuring transparent delivery of content and maximizing its impact.

My responsibilities encompassed overseeing the development of customer websites, E-commerce projects, and various technical solutions to meet our clients' diverse needs. I streamlined the client onboarding process by instituting a standardized interview method that involved multiple team members, enabling us to identify essential business metrics and user expectations from the outset. Acting as the primary contact, I evaluated technical proposals and guided clients through decision-making processes considering factors like cost efficiency, team capabilities, and internal resources.

Internally, I drove projects aimed at elevating our company's presentation standards, which included the creation of a new website, logo, typefaces, and usage guidelines. Additionally, I optimized company copy, developed efficient internal and external documents, and played a crucial role in the successful transition to our first primary office and photography studio.

To enhance internal workflows, I introduced productivity tools like Notion and established standardized processes using Google Drive and Google Sheets. Furthermore, I facilitated regular meetings within the company to align efforts for growth and improve overall communication at Current Media.