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Flora & Mar

Natural Handcrafted Skincare and Haircare Brand





Flora & Mar

Flora & Mar's website showcases the minimal ingredients in each product and encourages subscriptions for convenience.

Flora & Mar

Flora & Mar is a brand dedicated to crafting premium skincare and haircare products using natural, chemical-free ingredients. Their small-batch production ensures maximum freshness and quality without the use of preservatives. With a vision to expand nationally, they are committed to offering our products through both physical storefronts and an engaging online presence.

Their focus on customer satisfaction led us to create a user-friendly e-commerce site that caters to the unique needs of wholesalers and individual buyers. Emphasizing transparency, Flora & Mar's website showcases the minimal ingredients in each product batch and encourages subscriptions for added convenience. Custom-designed product pages highlight their three distinct small-batch offerings, allowing for seamless purchasing and inventory management with the help of Shopify's intuitive features.

Flora & Mar prioritizes simplicity and authenticity. Their website, crafted using Shopify's user-friendly tools, echoes our commitment to clean ingredients with a crisp, coastal-inspired aesthetic. Through strategic typography and engaging imagery, they strive to provide an informative and visually appealing browsing experience for their customers. By leveraging Shopify plugins for subscription services and streamlined operations, I ensured efficient inventory management, shipping, and subscription sales. I have also included a scalable wholesale location map on their site to facilitate future expansion opportunities.