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Vibrant boutique retail store with a chic brand.






Brand-oriented Shopify store with a reorganized inventory and customizable site boosting online sales and conversions.


Interwoven, a boutique clothing store based in Asbury Park, NJ, recently expanded its retail brand by launching an enticing online store. This project involved reorganizing an extensive inventory of over 7,000 product SKUs to offer a seamless shopping experience. The website, built on Shopify and designed with a focus on customer engagement, aimed at boosting conversion rates, increasing order values, and fostering customer loyalty to drive online sales.

By leveraging custom solutions instead of multiple Shopify plugins, the website was tailored to align perfectly with Asbury Park's high brand standards. The streamlined platform not only facilitated easy updates and consistent content management for the Interwoven team but also provided a visually captivating online store that resonated with the brand's unique identity. The project's primary objectives included enhancing sales, strengthening customer retention rates, and enabling internal flexibility for continuous improvements.

In addition to a brand-oriented digital experience, the website incorporated automated customer email flows that adhered to strict brand guidelines. While enhancing the visual appeal of the overview with images or screenshots was considered, the focus remained on presenting concrete details and measurable outcomes to showcase the project's success in achieving its goals.