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Lisa Says Gah

Independent boutique retailer in LA & SF





Lisa Says Gah

Shopify site consulting that led to a 38% increase in sales, a 7% rise in conversions, and an improvement in site scores.

Lisa Says Gah

Lisa Says Gah (LSG), an independent boutique retailer in Los Angeles and San Francisco, achieved remarkable results. As a technical consultant, I played a pivotal role in optimizing and maintaining the Shopify Plus store, overseeing various technical projects, and enhancing site design. During my tenure at LSG, key milestones were achieved, including a 38% boost in sales, a 7% increase in conversion rates, a 40% rise in sales from search traffic referrals, and a 24% surge in total orders compared to the previous year.

To achieve these results, I redesigned the product page, refined product listing filters, and implemented a more effective review system. The optimization efforts extended to automated emails, introducing an upgraded complimentary and recommended product upsell system. I constructed custom components across the site to ensure a seamless user experience, incorporating accessibility enhancements and significantly improving the overall site speed score.

Additionally, I collaborated extensively on diverse projects with third-party services, contributing to LSG's preorder system, order validation, customer support, social media sales channels, international sales, and their ERP. The collaborative efforts were integral to the success of Lisa Says Gah's enhanced online presence and overall operational efficiency.