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Artisan-owned store dedicated to handcrafted goods.






Shopify site resulting in a 657% increase in online sales, a 137% rise in online orders, and a 15% boost in order value.


Patriæ, an artisan-owned store curated by Barbara Pisch, showcases hand-crafted goods globally alongside her original creations. Specializing in textiles and sewing, Patriæ's online storefront complements its passionately crafted products. The brand draws inspiration from Eastern European textiles, reflecting Barbara and her mother's heritage.

To enhance Patræ's distinct branding online, the website was built on Shopify with unique designs using Shopify CLI. The site’s structure and inventory are straightforward, with a deliberate decision to focus on in-person retail transactions through Shopify POS for an exclusive touch. Seamlessly integrated into the Shopify Admin, this creates a cohesive shopping experience.

This project's success is evident in Patriæ's impressive results, including a 657% surge in online sales, a 137% increase in total online orders, a 15% rise in average order value, and a remarkable 157% increase in online store conversion rates. The design aims to appeal to both committed buyers and casual browsers, reflecting the brand’s authenticity and craftsmanship.