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AI-Powered tool for human-sounding copy revisions.




Next.js 14, OpenAI API, Supabase


A full-stack web app utilizing the OpenAI API to improve writing with style suggestions and human-sounding revisions.


ScribeRevise improves user-written messages by utilizing the OpenAI API and prompts designed by me are ensured to address specific revisions, not going beyond the scope of necessary revisions and generates revised messages that sound true to the intention of the message, and gives users an opportunity to make additional revisions. ScribeRevise is committed to robust security measures and protects all the messages and data in the Supabase database and substantial user data is protected through the API. This full-stack application was built with Next.js 14, the OpenAI API, and Supabase resulting in a user-friendly experience with some style.

ScribeRevise's growth strategy now places a stronger emphasis on measurable success. Key performance indicators (KPIs) related to user adoption, engagement, and security metrics are at the forefront, ensuring a transparent and accountable approach. Additionally, recognizing the importance of a comprehensive marketing strategy to broaden the reach beyond early adopters. Traditional marketing approaches will complement the organic growth strategy, enhancing visibility and user acquisition.