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Space of Balance

Event producers and platform for local artists.




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Space of Balance

Improving a New Jersey-based arts and events company's website and operational efficiency to showcase community growth.

Space of Balance

Space of Balance, an arts, music, and cultural events company based in New Jersey, partnered with us to revamp their website and streamline workflows. Their company aims to promote East Coast artists, inspired by diverse lifestyles, and cultivate the local talent community.

My role involved redesigning and optimizing their website as a professional platform for presenting events to sponsors and collaborators. The website includes features such as an event calendar, a gallery of past events, and contact information for interested businesses and entertainers. By prioritizing easily updatable content and leveraging server-side rendering for cost-effective video presentation, we ensured efficiency.

Establishing clear brand guidelines and communication standards, I created internal and external documents, serving as pitch decks for collaborations and facilitating consistent messaging with larger brands. Introducing Notion for team communication and task management improved workflows as Space of Balance expanded.

Our partnership focused on enhancing online presence, streamlining internal processes, and solidifying a consistent brand identity. Together, we delivered a professional platform aligned with their mission of supporting diverse talents and nurturing artistic communities on the East Coast.