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The Butcher's Block

High-end restaurant and full online butcher shop.


Developer, Designer



The Butcher's Block

I merged their restaurant site with the Block Shop, resulting in a significant increase in search traffic and sales.

The Butcher's Block

The Butcher's Block, a prestigious East Coast establishment known for its upscale dining and active social media following, enlisted my expertise to revamp and unite their online platforms. By merging the restaurant and the Block Shop websites into a single domain, I substantially increased search engine sales from 7% to 49% and saw a remarkable 1,495% surge in daily search traffic sales.

My focus on enhancing search traffic led to an 82% increase in daily sales, a 134% rise in daily sales from new customers, and a 150% boost in total subscription services within a month compared to the previous year.

The site now allows for easy customization by The Butcher's Block team, enabling seamless management of content, photos, and videos. Additionally, email formats, automations, and customer interactions were optimized for an enhanced user experience.

To maintain the sophisticated branding showcased on their social media, the website redesign was crafted for full accessibility, achieving a flawless 100 in Lighthouse for accessibility, and reflects the restaurant's menu style through typography and color choices.