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Wild Logs

Retailer and manufacturer of fire and cooking wood.





Wild Logs

A revamped website yielding an 86% sales increase, a 32% conversion rate increase, and set up multiple sales channels.

Wild Logs

Wild Logs, a USDA-Certified Kiln Facility specializing in firewood and cooking wood, recently underwent a comprehensive website overhaul aimed at enhancing customer experience and driving business growth. The revamped site led to significant results, including an impressive 86% increase in sales, 32% higher conversion rate, a 41% boost in average order value, and a 0.8% rise in returning customers.

Catering to a wide range of customers, from backyard fire enthusiasts to businesses like restaurants, Wild Logs' website now seamlessly serves both segments. By leveraging Shopify and Shopify CLI, I optimized local delivery and pickup services, restricted certain products to local customers, and established an Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) account for efficient multi-channel distribution. These strategic e-commerce enhancements, combined with the customer-focused design, demonstrated tangible impacts on the growth of Wild Logs.